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Young Touraine painters in Paris

Exposition la jeune peinture tourangelle a Paris
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On October 20th, an exhibition of paintings entitled "Aspects of Racism" opened in Paris (3rd) 12, ru de Thorigny. This event was initiated by a group of Parisian artists and critics who were concerned about the "hot" problems of civilisation in our world today.

Alongside internationally known artists such as the Americans Kienholz, Peter Saul, the Englishman Tilson, the Frenchmen Monory and Rancillac, the Spaniards Rabascall and the Cronica group, the Jeune Peinture de Tours represented by Claude-Gilles Boutillon, Patrick Collandre, J.F. Dubreuil, Jacques Lemerre and Peter Valentiner, members of the 37 group, participated. Their works are intended to reflect a standpoint within a perpetually torn world.

The exhibition will be open daily from 11.30 am to 8 pm until 20 November.


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