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Peter Valentiner was born in 1941 in Copenhagen, Denmark where he lived during his early years. His father was Danish and his mother French. In 1949 he moved to France where he studied there and then did his military service in Germany.

His artistic career began in the early sixties in the French city of Tours...


Curriculum vitae

Find all of Peter Valentiner's Curriculum vitae, his personal exhibitions, the collective exhibitions in which he participated as well as the museums where his works have been exhibited 


Benezit 1975

VALENTINER (Peter), painter-sculptor, born in 1941 in Copenhagen.


​In the early 1970s, Valentier became known for his use of Camouflage techniques, such as nets, wefts, and “leopard” fabrics commonly used by the military. His goal was to obscure reality and create ambiguity, through the use of camouflage, which drew attention to both the subject matter and the act of observation itself.


He says himself that camouflage is for him an activity that is both playful and subversive. It can even be perceived as asymbolic form of expression. His work is perhaps similar to Christo’s. Always keeping the grid or weft as a starting point, Valentiner then produced more pictorial work from colored prints. Invited to the Paris Biennale in 1971, he received an award, which is now exhibited at the Salon de la Jeune Peinture. 

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