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Salon d'Automne de Lyon 1969

1969-10-4 Livre salon d'automne de Lyon
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LEMERRE Jacques; images / From a fact to its evidence, the path supposes a stripping of the glance. Allusory formulas of certain rhythms of overcoming.

LIMERAT Francis; fields / The gaze in its journey, covers the clandestinity which subrogates to the shores the extent of an autonomous territory; the image and the word agreeing to reify their meanings.

MARTINEAU Gérard ; attirail / No good, no sueno.

(LE) MODULE (Jacques BARRY, François CHENUE, Michèle COUTIER); structures / The context and the material determining a breath, treatment of the space in its organic functions; The practice of a collective creation having to break the dissolution of the work and the life from which it comes.

PASQUIER Michel; collages / From a simple transfer of facts, from the distribution of a certain swarming of current events, it is possible to authenticate the notion of paradox.

SAINT LOUIS Roger; works / Treatment of the gaze in its natural activities. Attempt, through a semantic of coloured harmonies, to renew a universal language.

VALENTINER Peter; images / Circumstances contributing to the neutralisation of their own meanings, the strictest equivocality is established in their deferral. Violent circumstances which, reduced to their simplest proposals, establish a poetry of vagueness; at the limit, it can only appear in the form of a camouflage.

VAN HOLTHE Jan; sculptures / The recuperation of certain amorphous wastes implies reproducing the mechanism of their deterioration, the transfer of a process to the explosion of its constituent forces; like so many lookouts and roots in the dispossession of the meaning of our daily relationships.

Charles Le Bouil

Tours, October 1969


A cry in the night... It disturbs our familiar universe, our quietude. But in the century of Céline and Piaf, it is no longer the virtuosity, the skill, the technical perfection that touches us, it is the authenticity of the message.

Gimelle's is charged with everything we ask of a work of art: "unbridled invention, total freedom, burning mental tension". And this cry pierces us.

A cry in the night... Some people close their windows and cover their ears when someone calls for help. They try to go back to sleep.

But will they be able to forget Raymonde Gimelle's painting?

André Mure


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