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Playing with formers

2001-03-05 Spiel mit Former
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ART : Works by Peter Valentiner

He is her "great teacher". Now successful herself and with her own exhibition space, Renate Mücher has invited artist Peter Valentiner to her "Atelier 2000", Zum Wetterschacht 1.

Until 22 April, the Danish-born artist with a French passport, who works in Berlin, Cologne and Paris, is showing his abstract art in Recklinghausen. He presents an excerpt from various creative periods from 1980 to the present.

While colour was still dominant in the 1980s, the second focus, form, plays an equally important role today. Valentiner was one of the first artists to work with adhesive tape, which he uses to collage his acrylic works, although sometimes they are just painted. The 59-year-old has always loved subtly playing with the viewer's perception. He creates confusion through inlaid picture sections, upside down or crazy, diagonals running across the canvas and adhesive tapes.

Over the years, the freelance artist has developed his refined formal language into a system of forms. Shapes that overlap according to a certain system give rise to new patterns. By using colour and ochre sand from the south of France in harmony with light and shadow, Valentiner, who now runs his own art academy in Cologne, achieves depth effects.


Foto: Kalthoff


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