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Moods Standing in painted space

1985-05-02 Stimmungen stehen im gemalten Raum
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Büttgen - Many who look at Peter Valentiner's pictures would call it chaos, others would argue that it is a captivating penetration with firm spatial contours, even in the farthest part of the picture. The phenomenal thing seems to be that both are true and also allow the viewer this broad possibility of interpretation. In the Büttgen town hall, the Danish-born artist is showing his works until 12 May, some of them massive and elementary, others seemingly small.

The close observer can read an interplay between seriousness and play in his pictures. Surface and depth contrast with each other and make spaces disappear. It is always remarkable that Peter Valentiner specialises in two types of painting. On the one hand, he goes into the detailed small "making", on the other hand, he comes alive in his forms in an elemental way. Both perspectives are clearly separated, and this even in the exhibition. No mixing of the different May sizes takes place.

Rhythm speaks from all the exhibited works. Colourful explosiveness usually overshoots the fixed boundaries and then finds its way back to us.


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