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E. Benezit 1975

1975 Benezit
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Benezit FR
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VALENTINER (Peter), painter-sculptor, born in 1941 in Copenhagen.

Valentiner associated his name in the early 1970s with the technique of camouflage, using nets, wefts, or "leopard" fabrics used by the army, to camouflage reality and, in so doing, to draw attention to both that reality and the ambiguity of wanting to know it. He himself says that camouflage is both a playful and subversive activity for him. It can also be described as symbolic. His work is perhaps similar to that of Christo. Always keeping the grid or the frame as a starting point, Valentiner then produced a more pictorial work from coloured prints. Invited to the Paris Biennale in 1971, he received an award. Exhibited at the Salon de la Jeune Peinture.


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