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2012-04-12 Von der Kunst hin zur Kunst
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From 2 July to 24 August, the Summer Art Academy will take place at Hohenbusch for the 15th time. There are some innovations, but also the tried and tested.

By Christian Bosten

Erkelenz. The former Hohenbusch monastery complex is not only a haven of peace away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but from 2 July to 24 August it will once again be the focus of art. The 24th Summer Art Academy, which is taking place for the 15th time this year on the estate of the Kreuzherrenkloster, comes up with some innovations.

"We offer an attractive programme that covers the basic themes of the fine arts. Those who have attended the courses will be successful in this field," says organiser Peter Valentiner. Between July and August, 18 artists from Germany and the neighbouring Netherlands will make themselves available to creatively develop the participants, who are made up of both beginners and advanced students.

During the eight creative weeks, 23 different courses will be offered. In his course "Portrait in Colour", Wolfgang Bühren shows how a picture composition can be created on canvas or paper from the shape of a head together with its anatomical features. Martina Eiselein will work with the participants to create personalised pieces of jewellery from silver clay, which is made of pure fine silver.

Without further knowledge

The artist Thomas Bachler from Dresden brings the "Camera Obscura" from the Elbe to the Hetzerather Kloster for his art academy premiere. Behind it is a pinhole camera that functions as a very simple camera. The advantage over conventional cameras is that all the processes involved in creating the image can be carried out by the viewer's own hands without any detailed knowledge. Bachler promises an artistic and medial treat.

With the help of acrylic paints on canvas, the new course of the Mönchengladbach artist Anna-Katharina Spelten deals with animal painting.

In her course, Petra Rosen takes the participants on an artistic journey far beyond realism. In the spirit of Joan Miro, surrealistic motifs are to be captured on canvas with acrylic paint.

The course "Phantasiebilder" (fantasy pictures), led by the artist Janice Orth from Erkelenz, takes participants into the realm of fantasy.

Creative borderline experiences

Encourage your own ideas, creative borderline experiences with different materials, are to be created with the help of your own photos or templates on canvas.

Another innovation this year are the taster days, which take place from 3 to 6 and from 10 to 13 July. For a course fee of 60 euros, you have the opportunity to get to know the Summer Art Academy for one day and to give free rein to your own artistic ideas in the course "Creative Design".


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