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Between Freedom and Compulsion

1985-05-03 Zwischen Freiheit und Zwang
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"A pendulum between freedom and constraint" - this is how one could describe the works of an artist who has been exhibiting in the foyer of the Büttgen Town Hall since 26 April. Peter Valentiner, a Frenchman born in Copenhagen in 1941, is already an established figure in the art scene: after studying at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Tours, he was one of the founders of numerous artists' associations, such as the Salon "Environs", Group 37 and the "Collectif d'Intervention" Polypythiquee, is co-founder and collaborator of several galleries and holds a lectureship at the European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier. Countless exhibitions at home and abroad speak for the international recognition of the painter, who lives and works alternately in Paris, Cologne and Berlin. The introductory words at the exhibition opening were spoken by the Wiesbaden art critic Martin Hildebrandt.


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