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Valentiner with Westernhagen

1991-02-12 Valentiner bei Westernhagen
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Form, colour and space - Peter Valentiner takes up the relationship between these three elements in his painting. Several layers of paint characterise his large-format oil paintings. The first layer of paint is preserved by covering it with irregularly geometrically shaped paper stencils. Valentiner applied a new layer of paint to the free fields and repeated the process. The colour fields are clearly delineated from one another and appear like small pictures that come together to form the overall work.

The different layers appear like negative forms, they convey spatiality and depth. The individual colour layers come to the fore or recede depending on their intensity and brightness. The sometimes fine colours are applied with coarse brushstrokes.

In other works, the artist omits motif areas and thus plays with the viewer's visual and perceptual habits. The "camouflage motifs" in the works are reminiscent of Valentine's earlier creative period. With this "didactic exhibition" at Galerie Westernhagen, the Danish-born artist aims to show phases and developments in his artistic work. Peter Valentiner has lived in Cologne since 1980. (Gallery Westernhagen, Bismarckstraße 33, until 12 March, Tues. to Fri. 3 to 6.30 p.m., Sat. 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.).



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