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VIIth Biennial of Paris

1971-05-27 Biennale de paris Bouse
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The International Commission in charge of awarding the grants of the VIIth Biennial of Paris, met on September 27 and 28, 1971.

It was composed of :

Wolfgang BECKER - Director of the Neue Galerie - Aachen

Firmin FEVRE - Art critic - Buenos Aires

Pierre GAUDIBERT - Director of the A.R.C. - Paris

Blaise GAUTIER - Director of the Centre National d'Art Contemporain - Paris

Toshiaki MINEMURA - Art critic - Tokyo

Jasia REICHARDT - Art critic - London

James SPEYER - Director The Art Institute of Chicago

Radu VARIA - Art critic - Bucharest

3 grants offered by the CENTRE NATIONAL D'ART CONTEMPORAIN of 5 000 Frs each, were awarded to

  • Pier Paolo CALZOLARI (Italy)

  • Nancy GRAVES (U.S.A.) invited by France (for her artist's film)

  • Klaus RINKE (Fed. Rep. Germany) for his artist's film

1 grant offered by the CITY OF PARIS, amounting to 5 000 Francs was awarded to

  • Maria KARAVELA (Greece) invited by France

1 grant offered by INTERNATIONAL ART TRANSPORT, amounting to 5 000 Francs has been awarded to

  • Now Construction Paradisio (Netherlands)

1 grant offered by the MUSEE RODIN, amounting to 2 000 francs, was awarded to

  • Peter VALENTINER (France)

A stay of indefinite duration was offered by the sculptor François STAHLY in one of his houses in Crepet and awarded to

  • Horia BERNEA (Romania) invited by France.

A special mention was given to the "mailings" section.

The International Commission of Musical Composition of the VIIth Paris Biennale met on September 21 and 22 at the O.R.T.F.

It was composed of :

Pierre BARTHOLOMER - Composer - Brussels

André BOUCOURECHLIEF - Composer - Paris

Dubravko DETONI - Composer - Zagreb

Alain Moene - Composer - Paris

Gilles TREMBLAY - Composer - Paris

1 grant of 5 000 francs offered by the Service de la Diffusion et des Echanges Culturels of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been awarded to

  • A. FRITSCH (Germany)

1 grant of 5 000 Frs offered by the THEODORON Foundation of Chicago was awarded to

  • Gérard GRISFY (France)


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