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Trier shows European painting 24 August

1984-07-18 Fast alle GroBen sind dabei
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Trier - With a surprising bang, 2000-year-old Trier is announcing an exhibition for the second half of its anniversary year that will present the most important artists of European painting today. It is entitled "Signs and Traces" and will open on 24 August in Trier's new "Kulturfabrik".

An invitation by the European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier, supported by Mayor Felix Zimmermann, to participate in such an exhibition in Germany's oldest city has met with a positive response from renowned artists in many countries, including many of world renown. According to the latest information, the following painters will be represented in Trier among the 80 works of art: Antoni Tapies (Spain), Frank Auerbach (Great Britain), Markus Lüpertz (Germany), Pierre Alechinsky (Belgium), Peter Klasen (Germany). Jean-Pierre Pincemin (France), Alan Davie (Great Britain), Corneille (Netherlands), José Guerrero (Spain), Gudmunder Erro (Finland), Frank Badur (Germany), Simon Hantai (France), Karel Appel (Netherlands), Emil Schumacher (Germany). Mimmo Paladino (Italy). Piero Dorazio (Italy), Peter Valentiner (France).

The venue for the exhibition, which will present painted art ranging from figurative to abstract, is the "Kulturfabrik" on Weberbachstraße, near the Trier City Library, which opened a few months ago. The building, a former spacious cloth factory from the post-war years, proved to be tailor-made for exhibitions of this kind.

"We are surprised and touched by the reception Trier has received from the greats of painting; it will be an important exhibition," says Prof. Dr. Erich Kraemer, the director of the European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier.


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