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The weekend at the M.C.O.

1970-01-24 Le weekend a la MCO
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Today and tomorrow, at 4pm, "Demain... peut-être!", by the Comédie d'Orléans.

Today, at 5pm and 9.15pm. Tomorrow at 5pm, "Pop'Spectacle" with the "Groupe 37" from Tours and the Pop'Music orchestra "The Reflection".

A very busy weekend at the M.C.O. this week, as two events, of very different styles, will follow one another.

The latest creation of the Comédie d'Orléans, first of all: "Demain... Peut-être", which is a poetic, satirical and didactic play, in seven (explanatory) movements and five (illustrative) scenes, imagined and directed by Olivier Katian and evoking, in relation to the myth of Orpheus, the role and destiny of art and the artist in the contemporary world. It is precisely "art at the heart of life" that "the Pop show" proposes, produced with the help of the Pop'Music orchestra: "The Reflection" (a young band from Orléans, made up of five musicians and a singer, who will perform famous works of Pop' Music) and several artists from the "Groupe 37" from Tours who will present some significant creations of Pop' Art and whose host, Pierre Valentiner, will testify to the importance and the future of this form of plastic expression born, in the Anglo-Saxon countries, 10 years ago.



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