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The first "Salon-manifesto" of contemporary art opened in Tours

1969-05-13 Le premier salon manifeste de l art contemporain
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Organised on the initiative of two young painters from Tours. Charles Le Boui and Peter Valentiner, the first "Salon-manifesto" of contemporary art developed in the provinces "outside of Paris" currently brings together, until 22 May at the Tours library, some forty artists from all regions: Grenoble, Nice, Lyon, St-Etienne, Nantes, Châteaudun, Vendôme, Chartres, etc. An avant-garde event, of course, but also a confrontation of movement and life, from autonomous provincial cells. This creative activity bears witness to a dynamism and originality that attracts attention and raises many questions for a public that is either disconcerted or enthusiastic. This first exhibition, which brings together the various current trends in art being developed in the provinces, far from the formalist distribution circuits of Paris, will be a milestone and will kick off a succession of events that will take place in all the French provinces.

Centre Presse Poitiers


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