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Pictures of Valentiner in Gummersbach

1958-12-17 Bildervon Valentiner in Gummershbach
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Mf. Gummersbach. He was born in Copenhagen as a French citizen, commutes between his residences in Moskauer Straße in Berlin, the Belgian Quarter in Cologne and Paris, and teaches at the European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier.

We are talking about the artist Peter Valentiner, to whom an exhibition of recent works is currently dedicated at the Gummersbach branch of Deutsche Bank. The 44-year-old painter, winner of the 7th Biennale in Paris in 1971, member and founder of numerous artists' associations, has not only had countless solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe since 1967, but is also represented with works in numerous renowned collections, for example in the collection of contemporary art of the "Centre Pompidou" in Paris.

The fact that Valentiner now exhibits in the "province" is thanks to his Cologne gallery owner Gisela von Westernhagen and some friendly contacts in the Oberberg region.

Peter Valentiner, who received the Biennale Prize for a large-scale "Empaquetage" with military camouflage nets, is showing in Gummersbach rather small-format paintings created over the past five years. Based on the playful cubist effects and optical illusions of a Victor Vasarély as well as the technical achievements of décollage, Valentiner gradually emphasises the nuances of his paintings, plays unerringly with the contrast of cold and warm hues, juxtaposes optical horror with pure, luminous complementary colour in the manner of the old masters. Although cubist influences are unmistakable, Valentiner partially cancels out the geometric austerity through an almost impressionistic dissolution of form in the depth of the picture, thus creating an exciting contrast of styles.

The remarkable exhibition at the Deutsche Bank branch can be seen until next Friday. Our photo shows the representative of Deutsche Bank, Bodo Wolfslast (left) in conversation with Peter Valentiner.


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