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Contemporary art

Art contemporain
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Contemporary art provincial desert. Sahara of our souls. Function. Counter function and a-function of the object and the visitor. Salon manifest about n°2 (to the citizen arts). Tours. Attempt of decentralization and abolition of the unique place.

What is allowed to us to think following the meeting of 89 artists stemming from different regions of France and abroad.

Once again the dialogue between the public and the so-called contemporary art was established only at a visual level without ever crossing the border of the deep reality of the contribution of creativity attempted at all levels by the artist according to the public and its receptivity to the creation as such.

The municipal library proposed the works of the group A.B.C. productions (Montpellier) directed towards the use of raw materials, wood, or rubber, group Barrade Julien Martinez of Limoges.

C.A.P.A. (Bordeaux) score and collective booklet, proposal integrating light, sound and public, and the Catalan group (Beni Garcia-Severo, Rabascal and Xifra) combining the report-photo with graphics.

Among the individualities, very personal proposals of Flexner (absurd object reflection of the world) Tobas (poetic object to reflect the world) (painting Non-art).

In the range Pop art and neo-realist, Boutillon Da Rocha, Edna, Lemerre, Métivier, Valentiner proposed us images strongly influenced by a burning activity.

Combining pure aestheticism with new geometries, Cadere, Cerutti and Marceau opened the doors to the possibilities of renewal of the daily decor.

At 10 Place Foire le Roi, collective creation on a unique theme "eroticism" of the group solstice of Vierzon animated by Jund where the tactile (Trotereau) would join the visual (Delevallée) to become its complement.

In the home of the educational leisures of the Banks of the Cher the group 37 of Tours and its painter president Valentiner invited the spectator to a new form of the hanging not any more according to works but according to the environment. In parallel to this attempt Aimelet proposed us a suite of three luminous boxes based on the principle of the magic lantern and the last kinetic researches.

The intervention group of Nice (Alocco, Dolla, Miguel, Venet, Osti), Collandre St-Louis, Le Brun, Maj, Bregeaud and the A.R.P. group (Chenue Barry, and Coutier) participated.

The total theater event was also at the street level when on the day of the opening Oldenbourg of the Nice School attempted to hijack a bus to bring travelers to the library. Unfortunately, he received no recognition from the passengers and ended up spending the night in a police station.

About 2. Environment ... Certainly. But also an attempt of the expression of the living art in the heart of the province and a need of creation of new structure allowing within a city a better blooming of the isolated artist.

Thank you. About 2 farewell. About 3. To us, to you.



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