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Art of stature adorns bank foyer

Kunst von Format Ziert Bankfoyer
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Only his "little ones". Peter Valentiner (left) shows paintings in the bank. He usually paints in larger formats.

Gummersbach (il) - Peter Valentiner is currently exhibiting a selection of his paintings in the foyer of the Deutsche Bank. In art circles, his name attracts attention, for the 44-year-old native Dane has not only made a name for himself in his own country. Dane has made a name for himself not only in his hometown of Paris, but internationally. In 1971, he even won a prize at the Paris Biennale with his "camouflaged objects". Similar to his famous colleague Christo, he wrapped buildings such as bridges. However, with camouflage nets "With this, I made invisible what Christo made very clearly visible," Valentiner explained in conversation.

The Frenchman by choice, who lives in Cologne and Berlin, has been teaching at the European Academy of Fine Arts in Trier since 1979. Friendly connections led him to the Oberberg region. Asked by local art lovers and the bank's board of directors, Valentiner gladly accepted the invitation to Gummersbach. He was accompanied at the opening of the show by the Cologne gallery owner Gisela von Westernhagen.

Valentiner shows décollages, paintings in which perspectives are suspended in colour and form. "A logical continuation of the former camouflage net technique," said Gisela von Westernhagen.


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