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Ad-Hoc - The secret gardens of painting


Reference to the text below on pages 58 and 59


The Akademos Garden

Use simple straight or curved line elements

or broken, in order to use them as forms,

develop compositions where dynamism and stability

and stability, confronting cold colours with warm ones

warm colours, play with trompe-l'oeil

with negative or positive spaces...

This is the dominant repertoire of my research as a painter.

If I attach so much importance to the simplicity

the simplicity of the plastic language, it is to make the


I like transparent works with a direct meaning,

capable of conveying the essential.

This is the direction I work in, but this search for seductive

of seduction of the means does not aim to produce

to produce a situation of rupture with history.

Quite the contrary.

All my work is developed around the laws of classical painting

of classical painting, which I remain convinced

that it is still relevant today

(even if no one cares!).

From the painting of the Lascaux caves to Jean Fouquet,

from Nicolas Poussin to Henri Matisse, from Auguste Herbin

to Olivier Mosset, the painted work never ceases to fill

my life and arouse my curiosity.

The act of painting remains my passion

or my neurosis, it depends.

Peter Valentiner, Painter, Galerie Françoise Palluel, Paris

Galerie Westernhagen. Cologne.

Professor at the Europäische Akademie

für Bildende Kunst in Trier.


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