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XIV Year of the Great and Young of Today 1993 at the Grand Palais des Champs-Elysées

1973-05-17 Grands et jeunes d'aujourd'hui
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This exhibition, which brings together 380 artists, many of whom are appearing for the first time and drawing strength and assurance from the proximity of established comrades, bears in its diversity the mark of the generous and lucid personality that has animated it since its creation. It is a panorama of works characteristic of the present moment, chosen with a demanding taste, a concern for new experiences, in a quest carried out through friendly or unknown lands without resembling in any way these gatherings of disparate wills, these confused and vague undertakings that are generally called "salons". It is good, I think, that a group exhibition is the result of a commitment and keeps the mark of the initiative which is at its origin. Here the work is always exemplary and chosen as such, whether it is that of a beginner or a master. It is never circumstantial, it does not exude effort for the sake of a seasonal demonstration.

This exhibition is a manifestation of life, of richness, of strength, and allows us to identify the most interesting currents of today. It is a tribute to creation.


Chief Curator of the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris


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