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XIII Salon - Great and Young of Today at the Grand Palais des Champs-Elysées 1972

1972-02-18 Grands et jeunes d'aujourd'hui
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They are passionate about communicating through the modern techniques that replace traditional media for them.

As in previous years, the works will be classified in very flexible categories. The two-dimensional works will be grouped, despite their extreme diversity, under the very general and sometimes inaccurate title of "paintings". Constructions in space, whatever the material used and the spirit that animates them, are listed under the heading "sculptures and objects". Finally, there is a very important "Movement and Light" section, probably the most important of all the Parisian fairs, which takes stock of the progress of technology in the field of art and the environment and which is, this year, enriched by an impressive Italian participation.

Another novelty, and not the least, is the setting in which Grands et Jeunes is held for the first time. After its exile in the basement of the Pavillons de Baltard, this fair, like its predecessors now recognised as being of public utility, has acquired the right to the hospitality of the nave of the Grand Palais. This is an honour that it would perhaps have been happy to forego, as the costs of fitting out and running the exhibition will be a heavy burden on its budget. This prestigious setting, the proximity of the Salon des Décorateurs and its own reputation will hopefully compensate it with a larger and ever-growing public, which will enable it to pass the age of majority and continue its ascent.



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