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The Tourangeaux "Pop" in Orléans

1969-01-28 Les Pop tourangeaux a Orleans
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From 23 to 25 January the "Groupe 37" from Tours took part in a "Pop" show at the Maison de la Culture in Orléans, organised by its director, Mr Olivier Katian.

Indeed, the paintings of P. Collandre, J. Lemerre, R. Saint-Louis and P. Valentiner, were to be used as an environment for the presentation of a pop music band: "The Reflections".

An interlude during the show allowed P. Valentiner to present the works to the large audience (a lot of people had to be turned away at each session) and to answer the questions he was asked.

The works will remain on display at the M.C.M. for a few more days.


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