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Exhibition of Maniére, Seoul, Paris 1985

Exposition Seoul Paris 1985
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This is the year of the 1st year of Korean Hanji and Buddhism. As you know, the flourishing Paris is called the city of intention, so it is also a place that many artists, art wannabes and alcohol lovers from all over the world desire at least once. Korea, located on the other side of Paris, also boasts 5,000 years of history and cultural tradition. Now we are determined to make a leap forward to become an advanced country, and our long-awaited wish is about to come true in the not too distant future. At that time, some of us artists had a purely modern relationship with French writers (L'ART VIVANT A PARIS). This is an expression of the desire to raise our art to a higher level by examining our artistic culture in tandem, and it may be due to the desire to raise our art to the world. The Artists L'ART VIVANT A PARIS, so to speak, are a group of active artists from PARIS united with the will to firmly defend the glory of French art. As an advisor to Aesop, he postulates from the current PARIS JACQUES CHIRAC, and as head of the council, Lee de PARIS sat in the National Assembly. Mr. THUAUET, who was a member of the council, leads the assembly. Of course, this time we will deepen our friendship further, but as it has been slightly reflected before, I would like to give the opportunity to clarify ours further through (out of) them. I want to help you establish : Starting with this exhibition, the first year of diplomatic relations between Korea and France It will be organized by L'ART VIVANT A PARIS in Paris. I would like to express my gratitude to all of you who have spared no effort in preparing this exhibition, especially to Duyo Du and Moon Munchul, the authors of L'ART VIVANT A PARIS, and to Korea.

1985. 11. 15 '85 SEOUL. Group of PARIS Seoul members

Parc Hyungyu, Jambon Insik Platine Nam Hwang Hyo-chang


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